What is Galiano Green? 

Galiano Green is an affordable, home ownership project, under the stewardship of the Galiano Community Housing Association (GCHA),  Purchased in 2011, this 10-acre property is centrally located on the south end of Galiano Island; close to local facilities, retail, parks, and beaches.


Galiano Green empowers motivated, capable people to build their own homes, with help from friends and neighbours, or a local contractor.

By leasing land instead of buying it, many of the barriers, and costs of owning a home are removed, such as the costs of building driveways, bringing in hydro, drilling a well and installing a sewage system.

Galiano Green will include driveways, hydro to lot line, common buildings with laundry and showers; as well as common grounds with a small picnic area. Other environmentally progressive features include a clean, manufactured, wetland sewage-treatment system. These factors combine to provide successful applicants with long-term housing security and the opportunity to build equity.

This proposed development provides affordable, home ownership for 15 homes; assisting singles, couples and families to get a ‘foot in the door’ on Galiano, where over 50% of the homes are currently used as vacation homes and sit empty for most of the year.

Due to the severity of the housing shortage on Galiano Island, Galiano Green recently made the decision to commit to building five long-term rental units, as well as the fifteen owner-built homes to ensure we are meeting the core-housing needs of our Island Community.

Galiano Green also requires every home plan to include environmentally sustainable building practices, including Rainwater Catchment systems, to limit the impact on the water table; Protecting and preserving our natural resources for generations to come.

Building human-scale, self-sufficient communities is imperative to meet the changes in our society. Galiano Green is a model that will benefit local businesses looking for housing for their employees and will employ local tradespeople and artisans. Community living supports and strengthens family ties; empowering young families to remain on the island, which is key to keeping Galiano a resilient community, capable of solving it’s own problems with local resources. 

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