The Galiano Community Housing Association (GCHA) is a non-profit organization established in 1997 whose purpose it is to promote and provide permanent, affordable, access to land and housing on Galiano Island. Census data (2009) identified Galiano as having the greatest need for secure, affordable housing within the Islands Trust Area.

Thglte goal of the GCHA is to develop and implement responsible land use models for affordable housing while giving full consideration to land’s natural attributes and community needs. Also to promote, encourage and carry out research and education to help meet community housing needs in a socially conscious, ecologically and economically sound manner.

After many years of work by dedicated members of the Galiano community, the GCHA Board concluded that its first project would be a land trust model.  As part of this process, GCHA completed a feasibility study in 2014, which formed the basis of many of our decisions around the structure of Galiano Green, and cemented the GCHA’s commitment to doing everything possible to help resolve the housing shortage on Galiano Island.   Galiano_Green_Feasibility_Plan_May_2014

We sincerely hope that the model for Galiano Green can be successfully replicated in other rural communities in B.C. and across Canada to reduce the shortage of affordable housing and as a way to help new homeowners get a ‘foot in the door” of the housing market and own their homes.