Galiano Green is an affordable housing project designed to remove the obstacle of high land prices to make it possible for singles, couples and families of low to moderate income to get a good start in life by building their own home in the Galiano Community.

site-map-modifiedIn 2011, Land was purchased by GCHA with the intention of creating a development of homes owned and built by people, and families in need of secure and affordable housing.

In 2016 the necessary rezoning applications were passed, and the decision was made to ensure that 25% of the homes at Galiano Green would be rental properties, due to the extreme shortage of long-term rental housing on the island. However, the bulk of the homes at Galiano Green will be owner-occupied.

Interim financing for this purchase was made possible by the generosity of a number of Galiano residents, and also by VanCity Credit Union and CCEC Credit Union who have agreed to offer construction loans and mortgages to eligible applications of Galiano Green who meet their Mortgage lending criteria. Additionally, grants may be available from CMHC, BC Government, and The Galiano Community Loan Fund.

Living as Stewards of the Environment

Less than 10% of the land will be leased; the rest is protected and will include a park. Each home will be designed and built by the leaseholder to the GreenLogic Standard, a standard being pioneered with this project.

GreenLogic means long-term savings through the investment in the Logic of Green ideas: clustered, modest homes on leased land, built with an ecological footprint as a guide and restraint, creating an intentionally Green community. The GreenLogic goals are achieved through requirements such as harvested rainwater, superior insulation, and best-practice wastewater disposal.

Common lands are protected by an internal bylaw, and the Islands Trust rezoning Bylaw prohibits any further development.

Being Good Neighbours

Galiano Green takes seriously its responsibility to be good neighbours by:

  • Protecting the natural forest ecosystem
  • Ensuring all homes built comply with GreenLogic Sustainable Building Standards
  • Protecting the aquifer by requiring home owners to install rain water catchment systems
  • Ensuring wood stoves and heating systems are low emission
  • Requiring adequate fencing and pet control
  • Controlling noise, light and odors

Benefits to the Community

This proposed development provides affordable, home ownership and will help singles, couples and families with core-housing needs to get a “foot in the door” in a community where over 50% of the homes are currently used as vacation homes, and sit empty for most of the year. There are several community benefits that would result from this project; such as relieving stress on the crowded rental market, reversing the decline in school enrollment and creating housing for workers that fulfil roles, and provide much needed services on the island.