Galiano Green would not be possible without community and outside support. Our initial funding to purchase the land was provided entirely from within our community, in the form of zero interest loans.  The first round went to securing the land site and rezoning it in readiness for building; commissioning the many reports, and consultancies required for such a huge undertaking. Those steps included:

Meeting the OCP requirements for Community Housing on Galiano – ocp-requirements-for-affordable-housing-zoning-mandate-village-siting

Feasibility Study – galiano_green_feasibility_plan_may_2014

Hydrology report – hydrologists-report

Rainwater Feasibility Report – rainwater-feasibilty-green-afford-hsg-march9-13

A Final Needs Demand Assessment report was also undertaken by Thompson Consulting – finalneedsdemandsassessment_galianoisland_april28

All supporting our plans and assisting in our Rezoning Process, as a rural Bare Land Strata Subdivision . 

As we now move into the next phase of this innovative, affordable, and ecologically focused community housing initiative, Galiano Land and Community Housing Trust (GLT), is developing new and ongoing relationships with supporters and community-based philanthropists, who recognize the needs for accessible home-ownership, and more permanent rentals for local people for our community to continue to thrive, and whom are interested in supporting Galiano Green too.

It’s an exciting time on Galiano! Wouldn’t you like to be a part of it?

For more information on how you or your organization, or company can partner with Galiano Green, and help make Affordable Home Ownership a reality on Galiano Island, please complete the following and we will send you our information package.